Drug Discovery



Utilizing expertise and insights gained from basic neuroscience research, our laboratory is developing strategies for screening and/or designing potential drug candidates that possess efficacies for either learning and memory enhancement or neurodegenerative diseases. Since Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has demonstrated its effectiveness in the treatment of ailments and diseases over its long history of empirical use, they are very likely to possess natural products of potential therapeutic value. Our laboratory is utilizing this wealth of empirical experience and the vast variety of TCMs to conduct a knowledge-based drug discovery effort. Biological assays and mouse models are being utilized to screen TCM products and botanicals for therapeutically active compounds. Current Studies includes:

●     Evaluate the efficacy of TCM products
●     Investigate & understand the underlying mechanisms of actions governing TCM products
●     Identify TCM products with therapeutic potentials
●     Identify active fractions for development
●     Discover lead compounds for new drug development